Where we are going

Every child has a right to have a good life

Reaching communities

We reach those communities’ families who are deprived, underprivileged, stricken into poverty. We try to create an opportunities for sustainable future for them. And address the gap in field education, health care ,environment, labor welfare.

Educating 10,000 Children with within 10 Years

we try to help the one thousands children each year by giving scholarship facility. So that, they may find easy and comfortable situation to get education from the available Government facilities.


25 Orphanages

Serving the homeless and unloved children is one of our first major goalenduring in being hands and feet of God. In India, we have 29 states, where we cannot bring all children from other languages to places rather ,we like to initiate each state one orphanage where they can grow in regional languages. So that, they feel secure and loved ones.

Old Age Home

As the need of to take care of elderly increasing of abandoned and neglected people , we are finding ways and means to take care of, and old age home will provide shelter, within supportive , comfortable environment including daily meals, nutritional supplements, clothing and health care.

Skill Training Center

As we try to begins this projects by giving semi Skilled training to those dropped out schools, and failed in education sector, to make them employability in specific sector.

Establish School

As we continue in serving the Nation of India, we keep in mind the key of changing and shaping the features of the nations, is from economic, social view point. to establish the schools for underprivileged one. we will stay to true this mission and build life of future of India.

Health awareness

Our aim educate rural India, to educate how to take proper care of health, this program is focused towards addressing issues towards personal health care, vaccination, hygiene , and ill prevention. We conduct various campaigns for the awareness from HIV, Cleaning Campaigns, and motivate with the message of freedom fighters of India.

Medical Clinics in Villages

This project will make the heart of Christian to know about this service in villages , to know that we are just there to shower them with love of Christ.