Every child has a right to have a good life

If you would like to feel the benefits of giving your time and care to Sahara Inland Mission, then sign up with us today as a volunteer. We value your time, skills and efforts greatly. Please fill in the application here [link] and we will contact you shortly. Below is a list of our key areas of voluntary work; however we are also open to any new ideas and inputs you may have.

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In the Office

Assist our staff by volunteering in the office; you can do this by actively fundraising and marketing Reaching Hand by promoting our cause and finding donors and supporters.

If you have a talent in writing and blogging, contribute to our blog by writing relevant posts, such as in the field of education, child care, women’s issues and empowerment in India!

Help us to organize fun and engaging events in order to raise funds and awareness! Share your ideas, and put them into action!

In the Field

Teaching English language in Locality:

Work with our women of Umrer and teach them further life skills and women’s rights. Also an opportunity of field research, into how we can diversify this project and help more women in this community.

Care for our children in the Sahara Orphanage and teach extra-curricular activities

Initiate further action for a rural community project in Umrer and surrounding villages, assisting and caring for HIV/AIDS affected families.

Organise and run Health Camps in our Government Schools, providing for the pupils and their families.


  • Be an advocate by finding sponsorships for our Sahara Orphanage Children Home.
  • Raise funds and promote Sahara Inland Mission in your area
  • Take part in your local events, and raise money for our cause
  • Run your own event, and donate the money raised!
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