Mission Vision

We think you will agree, there is something special about our organization.

Future Plan

We dream of becoming a fully self-supporting organization is within our reach! But we do need help to get things started but while we currently rely on fundraising activities and donations from individuals to sustain the progress of our projects, we know that once our doors are opened, we must be as self-sustainable as we possibly can to succeed. It is therefore our long-term goal to bring our orphanage to the point where we generate our own income and reduce our dependency on donations. We also hope to provide a self-sustainable model that can be replicated by other orphanages.

To create firm foundations for sustainability we need of

  • Fencing wall for 10 Acres land. 
  • Electricity 
  • Dairy cattle and their shed house (now 25)
  • Dairy goats and their shed house (now 25)
  • Poultry Farm and their shed house 
  • Construction of large greenhouse
  • Plant of fruit tree forest
  • Crop gardens created and produce sold
  • Through this we are creating permanent employment for 3 Locals on our agricultural farm. 
  • And casual employment at harvest time to many locals.

Our sustainability project will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Improved food security and nutrition for orphaned children
  • Improved farming skills and education in participating villages
  • Increased employment opportunities for locals
  • Hope and optimism for vulnerable people in the community and a permanent source of income to sustain the orphanage project.

By God’s grace if we able establish a quality school for underprivileged children, we open the doors to the possibility of attracting more paying students from outside our community. This growth not only benefits our children but also aids our organization in two significant ways: moving us closer to self-sufficiency and funding future expansion. Tuition fees from external students contribute to the school's expenses and organizational costs, freeing up funds from other sources, like farming. With this model, we aim to become fully self-supporting, fulfilling our dream of sustainability without relying on outside aid.