St. John Convent Kids School

A School for underprivileged children..

This school for underprivileged children for those has a desire to go school but due to poverty and backwardness, children are deprived of basic education. Without education many of the children will be condemned to a life of bonded labour, begging, cultural abuse and hopelessness. By faith in God, we have started with the goal to provide good education, along with a nurturing and supportive environment, to children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. 


  1. To enroll underprivileged children who are out of school or at risk of dropping out.
  2. To provide free quality education regardless of their socio-economic background including textbooks, stationery, and uniforms, to reduce financial barriers.
  3. To offer a well-rounded curriculum aligned with national standards, supplemented with extracurricular activities and life skills training.
  4. To employ qualified and compassionate teachers who understand the unique needs of underprivileged students.
  5. To provide nutritious meals and healthcare services to ensure the physical well-being of students.

We firmly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their financial circumstances.  To achieve this vision, we require the assistance of compassionate like-minded people individuals’ churches, organizations to develop the school and provide an enriching educational experience for these underprivileged children. 

Now there are 20 children and three staff to teach and take care of them. 

Self-Sufficiency Is The Key

By establishing a quality school for underprivileged children, we can potentially attract more paying students from outside our community. This growth would benefit both our children and our organization in two crucial ways: it would bring us closer to self-sufficiency and provides funding for future expansion.

The tuition fees paid by external students would cover the school's expenses and organizational costs, reducing our reliance on other funding sources such as farming. With this model, our goal is to achieve full self-support, realizing our dream of sustainability without depending on outside aid.

What We Plan To Do

Our goal is to establish the best school's infrastructure over time as funds become available. We believe every child deserves a chance to succeed, no matter their financial situation.

As our school will gains a better reputation and better facilities, we expect more paying students to enroll. Our aim is to have many paying students, whose fees will cover staff wages and school expenses and mid-day of our underprivileged children. 

As the school grows, it will bring five main benefits:

  1. Providing top-quality education for our orphanage children
  2. Offering excellent education for staff members' children
  3. Extending quality education to the local community
  4. Serving as a funding source for our organization
  5. Providing vocational education, adult education, and hosting conferences.

To achieve full self-support and our dream of sustainability. We need help from caring individuals like you to achieve this vision. Support could be financial donations, educational resources, volunteering, or spreading the word about our school. 

Our vision is to have as many as 1500 paying students studying at the Maxton Strong School by the time the campus construction is coompleted, and we are well on our way to reaching this goal! Student fees are already paying for the wages of all of our organization’s staff and covering all of the day-to-day running costs of the primary school.

With the addition of our new library, the senior secondary school and kindergarten we believe our school will grow from strength to strength. In the coming years, we also intend to run vocational training courses, adult education classes, free medical camps, conferences, and have a facility for local meetings. This will truly be a resource for the entire community.