Ways To Give

Every child has a right to have a good life

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General Fund

By making a donation to the General Fund you are allowing SIM to support a variety of different projects such as the Sahara Orphanage, Free Tuition, Women’s Empowerment, Health Camps for poor , Christmas Gift ,  Orphanage construction, as well as the day to day operations of the ministry.

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Sahara Orphanage Children Home

We have been renting a house in the Umrer, Nagpur district of Maharashtra for the past few years for our Sahara Orphanage. The man renting it was serving in the western Coal field. 

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It is common in India to sit on the floor or ground for meetings. As you can imagine, during the winter season, the floors can become quite cool to be sitting on for hours at a time. 

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Church Hall

A church hall provides a meeting place for believers and housing for the pastor and his family that is safe from the elements. It can also be used for outreach and literacy programs.

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Village School

Many children cannot afford to go school because the closest one is too far away, or the tuition is too high. Many Indians realize that the best chance to get out of poverty is for their children to get a quality education.

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Sewing Machine

With a sewing machine, clothes can be made cheaply for family use, and also to sell for income

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A motorbike can easily navigate city streets, or rocky village roads. With so many to reach for the Gospel, the faster we can get there, the more lives can be changed.

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Medical Needs

Just like here in the US, medical needs arise from time to time for our field workers. Whether from the birth of a baby, an accident, a medical emergency, or any reason, they need to get treatment at a hospital. 

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Mattresses provide leaders a bed to keep themselves and their families off the cold floor. A well rested leader can make the most of their day with this simple need.

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Just like here, children continue to grow and wear out old clothes. Help us provide new clothing for school and other activities.

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For those whose bodies are used to the extreme heat, a blanket provides warmth and comfort. Show the love of Christ by providing a blanket today.

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With a bicycle, travel time can be reduced by 75% or more depending on the paths. Faster travel means more people reached with the Gospel message.

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Air Cooler

Help our children and field workers stay cool in the extreme heat of summer, where temperatures consistently rise above 100F.

RAISED: $50 TARGET: $1000


Thousands of children live on the streets. Without help, many will end up being abused and forced to do jobs no child should ever have to do. 

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